S D S T A  -  S D C T M  STEM Ed Conference 


The 31st Annual Conference (or the 4th Annual SD STEM Ed Conference) is scheduled for February 2, 3, & 4, 2023
in  Huron, SD at the Crossroads Hotel & Events Center
( 100  4th  St. SW, Huron, SD 57350  1-800-876-5858 )

For the Schedule at a Glance: Friday or Saturday  (updated Jan 29, 2023)
The latest draft of the Program Booklet is here. (updated Jan 29, 2023)

2023 SD STEM Ed Conference "My students still need me!"    Feb. 2-4, 2023    

A message from our Registrar:  On-line registration will remain open at the regular registration rates (same rates as on-site registration). In order to have accurate headcounts for the lunches and the banquet, we prefer that you register on-line. (Requests for refunds must be rec'd by Jan 15)

Advance Pre-Registration Form
 for 31st Annual Conference
Early bird registration (w/payment) ends Dec 20th
Pre-Registration (w/payment) must be completed by January 15.

The online Registration form is available.
​​Registration for the 2023 SD STEM Ed Conference (google.com)

2023 SD STEM Ed Conference Registration
In 2022-23 all registrations will be on-line. Mailing in a check for payment will still be an option. Be sure to include the 2023 SD STEM Ed Conference in your budgets for next year! We would love to see you at the 2023 SD STEM Ed Conference. The conference will be February 2, 3, and 4, 2023. We will once again be in Huron, SD because the Crossroads and Huron Event Center are so very good to us and help us to keep our costs affordable with several “perks” for which we do not have to pay such as meeting rooms, suites with work space, and conference rooms to name just a few. That being said, food costs have increased and it is necessary for us to raise our rates to cover our increases. It is very helpful to us to have our paid registrations completed two weeks before the conference. The following 3-tier fee structure reflects the cost increase and our efforts to reward early registration.
In 2023,  ALL registrations will be on-line. You will continue to have an option to mail in a check to complete your registration.
Sheila McQuade SD STEM Ed Conference Treasurer & Registrar smcquade@ogknights.org

You are asked to register online.  Within two days, an Invoice will be emailed to the email address you put down.  You may pay online with a credit card or via PayPal ...or you can print out the Invoice and mail it in with your check (postmarked before Jan. 15).  Make check payable to SDCTM/SDSTA JPDC.

If several people (Math/Science/Elem/JrHi/Sec) from your institution register & PAY on the same invoice, a discount will be applied.

If we feel that because of the current environment we must cancel the Conference, everyone will receive a full refund. That decision will be made by January 1st.

 .  .  .  .  .  . Early Bird     Pre-Registration     On-Site
 Student           $35              $40                  $70                   
 Member          $100            $150                $200                       
 Non-Member   $150           $200                 $250                          
Noon meals are included.    Friday nite banquet is an additional $30.



Breakout Session IS  HERE is closed
If you wish to be considered to be a speaker at our February Conference, the above form must 
be submitted by October 31, 2022

(Presenter's Safety Guidelines)


Conference Wiki
 The Wiki space we previously used is no longer available.
 If you want something shared, I can link it here if emailed to me.


DWU Credit information
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31st Annual Conference Program
The link at right will contain the Program Sessions for the SD Stem Ed Conference when available.
You will receive a printed name tag, receipt, membership card, etc when you arrive in Huron. 
A quick first draft of the Schedule-At-A-Glance & times will be available here.

A PRINTED copy of the SAAG will be available at the Registration Desk.

Jim Goehring / Ann Veitz Future Leaders Scholarship
Open to teachers in the first year of teaching in South Dakota
Provides a free conference registration to SDCTM and SDSTA members

Marian Fillbrandt graduated from South Dakota State in 1933 with a Mathematics major. She spent many years teaching math and science. She established the Fillbrandt Endowment at South Dakota State to help South Dakota math and science teachers. A committee of faculty, along with Jeff Nelson with the SDSU Foundation, has determined that this endowment can be best utilized by providing $400 stipends to second through fifth year math and science teachers to attend the SDSTA/SDCTM conference. This will allow new teachers in rural areas to interact with their colleagues with similar professional interests.

The $400 stipend intends to defray the costs of conference registration, accommodations, a substitute teacher for the Friday of the conference if a district will not provide one, and other costs associated with conference attendance.

If you are selected for this stipend, you will be required to write a brief report at the end of the conference stating how the stipend benefited you and what you learned at the conference that you plan to use in your classroom. If you are selected, but are unable to attend for some reason, the stipend money will be returned to the endowment fund. The selection committee will take financial need into account during the selection process.


The application deadline is December 1st.  To apply, go
 to http://Fillbrandt-Teacher-Stipend.questionpro.com 

or contact 

            Tony Durr, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Ph: 605-201-5239    tony.durr@sdstate.edu   for more info


 “Kelly Lane Earth and Space Science Grant” provided by the NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium   Applications must be received by January 17.





The NASA South Dakota Space Grant Consortium invites applications for the “Daniel Swets Robotics Materials Award”.    Applications must be received by January 17.





Vendor Form
Exhibitors are encouraged to register by December 1, 2022, to ensure that space is available and 
that your information is included in our online conference booklet. 


 Conference Brochure
There will NOT be a mailed Brochure.
Keep your eye on the newsletter or website for updates.


If you are interested in purchasing SDSTA logo merchandise, there will be a limited amount available at the conference.  Purchase and pickup will be made at the conference (unless other arrangements are made). 

( Apparel that is currently available can to shipped to you for  )
(       $25 each....or save $5 if you stop by to pick it up.         )
Blue Shirts: Ladies XL, Ladies XX, 1-Small, 2-XL  
Red Polo: 4 - Medium and 2 - Large   
and one black computer bags & (several green drawstring bags $10)

Huron Map
As you arrive in Huron, SD Hwy 37 will take you to 4th or 5th Street. Just one block west is the 
Crossroads Hotel and Events Center.
(Located in circles "3" and "12" on the map.) 
Parking is available north, south or west of the Crossroads Hotel.

Conference Pictures

Feb 2018 Conference Pictures

Feb 2017 Conference Pictures
Scrolling pictures of Friday morning, Vendors, Friday PM or Saturday

Feb 2016 Conference Pictures
 Pics as thumbnails  or  Pics that scroll