South Dakota Science Teaching Association

  Officers Handbook




President ( & NSTA Liaison )



Presides at all business sessions and meetings
Appoints standing committee chair persons
Has general charge of affairs of the association
Is the NSTA liaison


The president is elected every “even year” at the business meeting during the SD Joint Math & Science Conference.

The president is a member of the NSTA (National Science teachers Association)

The president-elect becomes president. The president becomes past-president for 2 years.

 {{ From president-elect to past president the commitment is 6 years with various appointments. }}


Summer Duties

 1. Featured Speakers and Banquet Keynote Speaker

Odd years: line-up two (2) Featured Speakers for the conference. As of 2007, the budget out of the conference account will cover up to $1,000 for each speaker, which includes a $150.00 speaker fee. The budget of $2000 maybe divided as needed to cover transportation costs for the speakers.

Even years: in addition to the two featured Speakers, line-up a Banquet Keynote Speaker. The budget is $3,000. This includes rooms, meals, speaker fee of $150 and transportation. Any amount over the $3,000 comes out of the SDSTA account.


2. Business Meeting

·        Each summer the President organizes a Business Meeting that could coincide with the Math Board Meeting.

·        Decide on date and location following an exchange of emails (keep in mind distances to reimburse, hotel, room for the meeting)

·        Send reminders to officers

·        Post date and location in the newsletter to invite any member to the meeting

·        Bring snacks and water/soda – reimbursed by the treasurer (keep all receipts)

·        Have meeting agenda – email if possible or bring enough copies for the meeting

·        Decide on officers who will attend the planning sessions for the next conference: 1st Saturday of November and December. Usually the President goes to the November meeting and President-Elect to the December meeting. We need 3 to 4 officers in November and 2 in December. Expenses are reimbursed by the Treasurer of the conference account.


3. Others

Plan on attending the NCSE (National Congress on Science Education) held each July or August. SDSTA pays expenses as the SD Delegate

Attend one (1) NSTA Convention during term, expenses paid by SDSTA up to $1,500

Write President’s Newsletter by early August. Email to newsletter editor.


Fall Duties


1. September

Write a newsletter article for the Fall SDSTA newsletter and email it to the editor

Write a summary or provide notes on NSTA happenings and news; email to the editor

Send reminders or work on details with conference featured speakers/ keynote speaker


2. November

Meet with SDSTA/SDCTM officers to plan the conference

Meet with SD Math President to decide on manning the registration table, duties of each president during the conference including luncheons, and banquet (Emcee duties)

Discuss presenters’ gifts (example: engraved pens)

Ask President-Elect to run Thursday night Sharing Session if possible. (If President-Elect is not able to attend Thursday night, President is in charge)

Write a newsletter article for the December newsletter – email to editor


3. December

Make sure that 2 officers are at the conference planning session

Order the (75-- 50 + 25 free) presenters’ pens and the (100-- 50 + 50 free) thank you pens for volunteers

National Pens: budget no more than $200 (reimbursed by the Conference account)

Order the award for Friend of Science Award or Science Service Award (reimbursed by the SDSTA account)


Conference Duties


1. Before the Conference

Send an email to the SDSTA officers reminding them of the meeting at 9:00 in the Presidential Suite
Provide snacks and drinks for the meeting
Agenda for the meeting
Welcome notes, little favors or cookies for the rooms (personal touch depends on each president)
Bring a laptop and printer if possible for last minute agenda changes or other printing needed during the conference (A computer and printer is also available in the room by the registration table)
Gather office supplies for the registration table (stapler, markers, Post-It easel, tape, pens, etc.)
Email or call the convention center to check if they have some of the supplies, a registration banner, and nametags
Have a basket with candy for the registration table
Have a box for returned conference evaluations


2. During the Conference

Thursday: be there early to make sure that everything is in place, answer last minute questions and work with the Vendor Coordinator

Set-up Registration table, have a sign up for college credit -- sign-up on Friday morning

Set-up a separate table for handouts, flyers, and free materials

Put up a bulleting Board for Professional Development Opportunities and Announcements

Set-up room for the 9:00 meeting including refreshments (bring a cooler from home)

Check with Math President to see if everything is organized

Order flowers for the special thank you such as the dining service, conference program coordinator, and other if needed

Conduct the 9:00 meeting – exchange cell numbers for accessibility during the conference

Check if Featured Speaker arrived; greet them and answer questions if needed



Open Registration at 7:00 am … have several helpers

Visit with vendors for lunch/banquet drawings – this could be done by/with the Vendor's Coordinator

Have theater tickets for the drawings (give half to the attendee, keep half for the drawing)

Keep yourself visible or have cell phone to be reached if needed

Luncheon EMCEE

Host business meeting at 4:30 (need agenda, treasurer’s report, and elections on even years)

Invite new officers to the Saturday night Board Meeting

Be visible during the reception before the banquet

Dress for the banquet

EMCEE banquet with Math President

Give Science Service Award or Friend of Science Award

Door prizes



Make sure registration table is manned starting at 7:00 through the entire day, have the box for evaluations ready

Lunch: EMCEE with Math President; door prizes; announce the free registration for one lucky person who attended the last session

After the last session give a free registration to one of the participant that stayed until the end. Ticket will be given at each session for the drawing

4:00 pm – Board Meeting with Math and Science Officers: pay bills, process the conference, make notes for the next conference, and discuss possible date for summer meeting, mileage reimbursement for officers

Plan on staying Saturday night to finalize everything except if living very close to the conference site


Conference Follow-Up

Write Thank-You’s to Hotel personnel, Featured and Banquet Speakers

Note of thanks to all officers and volunteers

Write newsletter article about the successful conference by 1st of March; include info for summer




Performs the duties of the President in the event of an absence

Serves as chair of the Program Committee


The President- Elect should facilitate the Thursday night session during the conference.









Serves as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee








Keeps a very thorough record of all proceedings

Sends notices of regular and special meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors to the members concerned


·        The secretary keeps minutes of the SDSTA meetings, types them and emails the draft to the officers.

·        The minutes will be read and approved at the following business meeting.

·        Sends the approved minutes to the newsletter editor to insert in the quarterly newsletter and to post on the SDSTA website.

·        Brings copies of the draft minutes to each meeting or make arrangement with the President to make sure that minutes will be available to members present.

·        Will email or send reminders of past due memberships






Is responsible for all the collections of all the dues and will be the receiver for all other monies

Shall serve as chair person of the budget committee

Files necessary paperwork to maintain non-profit status

Will update the membership list


·        The treasurer sends membership cards to new or renewed members upon receiving their dues.

·        Sends an update membership list to the newsletter editor

·        Pays the bills, scholarships, or awards as approved by the Board of Directors or President

·        Makes decision after consulting with Board of Directors on investments

·        Has signature with a second party on SDSTA bank account

·        Prepares a treasurer’s report for the two business meetings

·        Makes enough copies for members or makes arrangements with the President to have copies available




















Newsletter Editor and Webmaster


·        Prepares the newsletter on a quarterly basis

·        Makes arrangement for printing and mailing to the members of the Association and other interested groups

·        Keeps the mailing list accurate with membership

·        Sends invoices to the treasurer

·        Post minutes, and pertinent information on the SDSTA website








Committees and Liaison Officers



Standing committees: program, nominating, and newsletter

Program committee: duty to initiate and implement well coordinated programs with the purposed organization

President-elect will serve as chair of the Program Committee

The President will appoint other committees as the work of the Association will need

The Nominating Committee is to prepare a slate of nominees and present this to the Board of Directors prior to the spring meeting

Committee members and chair persons shall serve one-year terms unless extended by the Executive Committee