". . . Students should see their teachers actively looking at new problems and asking questions in their classrooms.  Children need to know their teacher believes the subject matter is important to everybody." -- Paul R. Kuhlman
     "When Paul began here [Avon] 16 years ago, we had a very minimal interest in the upper level Math and Science classes; he has changed an entire mindset of a student body and a community."   

-- Tom Oster, Superintendent, Avon School District

"Mr. Kuhlman is considered a pioneer in our school.  [He is] my "back bone.""  -- Fellow Teacher
     "Mr. Kuhlman goes the extra distance to provide opportunities for his students that will stimulate interest in math and science as well as give them experiences that are rare for students in a small, rural area like Avon.  . . . I am now going to college to be a teacher, because of my experiences in his classes--because I believe that every student deserves to have a teacher that is as talented and dedicated as Mr. Kuhlman." - Former Student
     For questions, contact:
Larry Browning, Department of Physics, SDSU, Brookings, SD 57007.
(605-688-5428 or 4548)

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