submitted by a signed petition from twenty-five members and then shall be submitted to the membership for adoption or rejection.

Parliamentary Authority

Section 1:   In all questions of Parliamentary Law not covered by the Constitution and Bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order, Revised shall prevail.


Section 1:   In the event an officer is not able to complete a term of office, the President shall appoint a qualified member to complete the unexpired term.
{Section 2:  In the event no one seeks a specific office, an individual may be appointed by the President to fill that position.}

Dissolution of the Association

Section 1:   In the event of termination or dissolution of the Association, the Executive Board shall distribute the remaining assets of the Association to the South Dakota Academy of Science.


Section 1:   This Constitution and Bylaws will take effect immediately upon a majority favorable vote of the members attending an annual meeting.
     -          -          -          -          -          -

Ratified by unanimous vote at Annual meeting in Aberdeen, South Dakota, October 16, 1980
1Has been amended (by mail in ballots) so that the Winter/February meeting is now the Annual Meeting (instead of Fall/October)  and Summer/August (instead of Spring/April/TIE Conference) is the other meeting date.{{Changes made to By-Law Articles VI Sect7, VII Sect 1, VII Sect 2, VIII Sect 1, & IX Sect 1}} 
2The Fiscal year now ends on January 31 (instead of August 31). {{Changes made to By-Law Article X Sect 1}} 

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