2007 SD - AAPT  Photo  Contest  Results

First Place blair.jpg (137258 bytes)

Static Electricity

The picture I took shows a steady stream of water coming out of a faucet, being pulled over by the brush. To do this, I took the brush and brushed it through my hair really fast, this was so the brush would gain static electricity. Then, I held the brush about half an inch from the water and the water then was pulled toward the brush. The reason this happen was because the brush gained electrons as I brushed it through my hair.

Second Place nathanl.jpg (116856 bytes)


In the picture, you can see that I am blowing air across the top of the loose hanging toilet paper.  It would seem that the papershould be blown downwards, but it is not. The toilet paper is lifted because of Bernoulli's principle, which says that faster moving air creates lower pressure. This is displayed  in my

Third Place Heatherheupelphoto.jpg (1593082 bytes)

Center Of Mass

I took a piece of wood and placed it on a wooden spool.  I left about of the piece of wood off the spool.  I then took the sledge hammer and rope and tied the hammer and piece of wood together.  I had to find the center of mass in order for the objects to balance on the spool of wood.  An irregular shaped object has more weight at one end therefore the center of gravity is toward the heavier end.  Equilibrium occurs when the objects are not moving.