Science Teachers' Association

Greetings  From  the  President's Desk

     As this will be my last presidential newsletter, I would like to thank all the people that made being president so very easy.  First of all, the officers of SDSTA that I had the pleasure of working with during my term as president.  I could always call on Tom to find out what I needed to do.  The other Tom was always there with the finances in perfect order and Ramona had any information from the minutes that I needed. Mark, for taking over the Thursday meetings at the joint conference and being ready to do anything asked of him.  Our newsletter editors, James and Pam, who always get the newsletter out on time even when they need to pressure the president to get his part done.  I learned to anticipate those e-mails from James asking why my letter wasn't there yesterday.  To Larry, for taking over the higher education  position in our organization and to all the members who have presented and attended our joint conference, thereby helping to make us all better instructors.
     I hope to see many of you in Huron in February as again the math and science members have made for a great conference with many exceptional sessions.  This year  all the time slots have been filled by the second time we met in December.  Again, a hearty thank you for the effort you as members have put into making ours a great organization.

     As president of the SDSTA, the main task is working on the joint conference and I would be remised if I didn't say thank you to the members of the SDCTM that serve on their board.  It was a pleasure working with them on the conference.
     As offices become vacant in our organization, I hope many of you will consider serving as an officer in one of the greatest organizations in South Dakota that promotes the education of our children.
     Thank you again for allowing me to serve as the president of the SDSTA.
                Ken Graupmann, SDSTA President

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