Science Teachers' Association

Greetings  From  the  President's Desk

     Hello South Dakota Teachers of Science! It's that time of year: What to leave out, what to try to cram in, and how to do justice to modern physics in one week because we've spent so long studying mechanics. Or is that just meJ!? Oh well; such is the beauty and challenge of teaching. I think most teachers that have stuck with education more than a few years are eternal optimists……this year was good, but I KNOW I can do better next year!
     So, as summer approaches and we pack up our classrooms, here is my challenge to you: Find something that renews you mentally, physically and spiritually. For me, that is traveling to Costa Rica in June and running a 50 Mile trail run in July. As the Principal of my school says, "Find your happy place"! Whether it be gardening, reading or getting your act together for next school year, make some time for yourself. You will be better off for it. More importantly, your students will benefit much more from a rejuvenated teacher that is happy to see them when August arrives.

     Speaking of August, the SDSTA Summer Business Meeting will be held Friday August 6th in Sioux Falls. Because of a construction project, SF Roosevelt will not be available for our meeting. The meeting will still be in Sioux Falls, but if you are interested in attending (that includes all SDSTA officers and members) please contact me as the date approaches for the exact location-It will be somewhere at SF O'Gorman's high school. Among topics to be discussed will be the latest information on the National Underground Lab project. Please bring with you some "show and tell" materials from what you did this summer.
     One last thing: the SDSTA/SDCTM February Conference will be here before we know it. Every one of you has tricks of the trade that others would benefit from, so please think about presenting at the Conference. Among the Featured Speakers will be "Wildlife Experiences", a non-profit group featuring Birds of Prey & other Endangered Species  and   

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