Other Business:
NCSB 2005 Summer Congress August 4-7 in Minneapolis.  Door prizes by Glencoe. Thank you Heidi Williams, Academic Sales Representative for ND and SD.  Tom moves to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Micheline.____.

Joint Meeting SDSTA & SDCTM

     Officers from both the science and math state associations are present. Dates and location were discussed to put the program together for the February Professional Development Conference (White on November 6 and December 4 at 10.00 am). 
     Math featured speakers include Penny Roberts from Kentucky at the elementary level, NCTM rep Nancy Burgess at the middle school level, and Marsha Lilly at the secondary level.  Dr. Rick Melmer, Secretary of Department of Education will be the speaker at the banquet.  Science featured speakers include Wildlife Expereinces: Raptors and Jay Trobeck from Keloland TV, weather abnormality
     Mark: the Crossroads is confirmed.
More vendors, pay vendors fee, should not pay registration fee if the present
Rebate if prizes and speakers
     Suggested name change: 13th Annual Math and Science Professional Development Conference
      Discussed offering renewal credit in addition to Graduate Credit from DWU.  Discussion about scheduling feature speaker so that they're not in competition with other presenters. Open for discussion.
     The Brochure promoting the Conference will be sent to principals, science coordinators, math coordinators and to all members of SDSTA or SDCTM.  The actual program will be available in advance on-line.  Printed booklets will not be mailed out and will be available at the Registration desk at the conference.  E-mails will be sent to a variety of state listservs to announce when the booklets are posted on-line (about mid-December. (Wish to be a presenter, see the form on page 4.)

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