Regional Science Fairs

The South Dakota Science Teachers support the SD Regional Science fairs by awarding one junior high project winner at each Regional Science fair with a check for $30.  The abstracts of those winners are printed on page nine (& one is continued below). 

     The SDSTA Newsletter is published four times a year.  The May issue (this one) is mailed to 135 paid members, and several school science departments.
     The Membership year in SDSTA starts with the February conference and ends the first of February.  Dues are due at each conference for member discount rates.
     SDSTA  members may give a one year free membership to their student teachers by submitting the student teacher's name & address.
free conference registration is given away to the SDSTA member that has made a submission to the newsletter (or given a presentation at the conference) and has referred at least three new members.
     Members may also earn a 10% finders fee for any science related ads placed in the newsletter.  Our rates are $100 per page (or 3 to 4 quarter pages) or insert per issue  or  $300 per page to place an ad in four consecutive issues.

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